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Powerful Ways to Attract New Website Visitors Today

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Right now, people have more unrestricted access to information, entertainment and other content than in any other time in history. While that is great for people looking to be informed, educated or entertained, it can present a challenge for online marketers seeking to capture the biggest possible audience.

That’s because there’s simply more  competition for your target audience than ever before. So if the content  you are using to attract visitors to your pages isn’t interesting,  cutting edge and exciting, you are going to have a difficult time  getting people to visit or stay on your pages once they land there.

1. Would You Be Interested In Your Content?

A good starting point in determining  whether the content you are providing is vital and engaging for your  target audience is to consider whether you would be interested in your  pages if you were an outside visitor looking for content within your  niche.

Why would you be drawn to your web  pages? What are you offering your visitors that they can’t get anywhere  else? How are you communicating to your core audience that the content  you offer is unique, entertaining and engaging?

Think about these questions and  then identify the areas where you are failing to live up to your own  standards. Those are the areas you should then focus on repairing.


2. Be Controversial … But Not TOO Controversial!

If you want to attract eyeballs, you  need to have something to say. 

Choose topics within your niche that are  “hot button” issues. Visitors arrive on your pages with their own  opinions, but if you have something relevant and insightful to say about  a current event or a controversial issue within your niche, they are  going to want to hear it.

Yet you should temper your words so  that you don’t go too far, otherwise you risk turning your visitors off.  Stay away from extreme views or radical arguments. You can and should  take a stand based on your beliefs, experience and knowledge, but avoid  giving the impression that you are close-minded or fanatical.

Visitors to your pages want to feel as  if they are engaging in a conversation, not listening to a diatribe or  monologue. Invite others to share their thoughts and let them know you  value what they have to say. That way they will be more likely to return  to your pages later.

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