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If you'd like to become a more dynamic persauder, a Top Earner in your company, achieve Optimal Success and reach full potential...then you've come to the right place....

I have been a sales professional and an entrepreneur my entire adult life. When I was still in high school I got the entrepreneurial spirit and started selling, cloths and shoes from a magazine. I was motivated I had taken a class in Business management and Salesmanship and knew that i was destined to become a salesperson and  an entrepreneur.

Don't get me wrong it wasn't always peaches and cream. even though my sales and entrepreneurial career got off to a good start. When I entered the corporate world I struggled Big Time! 

There were many days I had to borrow money or use my manager's credit card to purchase gas so I could go out to make sales calls.

I struggled making just enough to keep me going for several years. 

However it never accrued to me to give up the sales profession. You see  I had read The Greatest Secret In The World by Og Mandino, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill,I constantly listened to tapes by Earn Nightingale and many other i just continued to work on myself I accumulated a Personal Development library of over $50,000 in books tapes,CDs, and Videos

I attended seminars watched webinars, whatever change I got to improve my changes of becoming the success I desired i was will to try it. 

I knew I was going to succeed There was no doubt in my military mind that would become a top Salesperson and I did.

I became a top sales professional and then a top sales manager.

I received many awards as both the Top Salesperson in my company and twice as the Man of the Year as the Top Sales Manager in that same company.

I produced several million dollars producer and realized that coaching ,

teaching and inspiring others to commit to excellence, always give their very best, reach their goals, realize their greatness, live their dreams, achieve their full potential, and pursue their God Created Purpose...was My Mission and My God Created Purpose...

There is greatness in you. You have what it takes to become a top producer, top earner top... and achieve the success you desire and deserve...

We look forward to connecting with you and working together to make things happen.

Your Personal Development Coach

Stan Fuller

Your Personal Development Coach

I am committed to excellence, committed to making it happen!

I am dedicated to pursuing my God Created Purpose of being a blessing to  everyone we come in contact with, to teach, inspire encourage and empower others to commit to excellence, always give their very best, realize their greatness reach their goals, live their dreams, achieve their full potential pursue their God created purpose  and know that the success they desire and deserve is theirs

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